Broken Persona an online web gallery
All Works are by EX, me.. (c)2000, 2001, 2002 I hope you enjoy the selections, if you like any of them please let me know by mailing me:
New To The Gallery
Late Night Saviour Watercolour
Of Comfort In Tears Watercolour
A Schism, Her Rift Water, Conte, Charcoal
Second To Last Watercolour, Work in Progress
Last Stand Water, Conte, Charcoal
Drawings and Paintings
Angel 7 (fast) Watercolour
Angel 7 (high res) Watercolour
Angel 7 Desktop backgroun Watercolour
hole Watercolour
Patience Given up Watercolour
Amen Watercolour
Look Around watercolour, pencils, ink
Angel On a Cross Watercolour, Pencils
Bondage Angel watercolour, ink
Goodbye watercolour, ink
Security charcoal
Desolate charocal
No Knife watercolour
My Broken Halo Watercolour
To The Edge watercolour, pencil
Catching Snowflakes watercolour
Guardian Angel lead
Posing woman charcoal
Angel in the Water ink, watercolour
The White Linen Dress watercolour
Angels Wear Black watercolour
Black Sheep, Black Sheep watercolour, pencil
Drowning watercolour, ink
Scattered watercolor
Staring watercolour, pencil
Distress of the Heart Watercolour, pen/ink
Soft watercolour, pencil
Melt Watercolour, pencil
The Blue Rose part 2 Watercolour, ink
Thinking in a Cafe pencil, ink
Alone Again watercolour, ink
Beaten Watercolour
The Dragon watercolour, pure sugar, ink
Egg Pencil and Ink
Fly watercolour, ink
Ink Staind Walk ink, condensation
Inside sweet & low sugar, watercolour
One Winged Angel watercolour, coffee, ink
Run watercolour, ink
The Ugly Butterfly watercolour ink
Anime and Cartoons
Anime Study 1 watercolour, pencil, ink
Gabe from Penny Arcade pencils
Post Mortem Pizza another funny one :)
Monkey Says Pikachu Sucks watercolour
Que fan art. pencil
Rude boy watercolour
Albert: The Freelance Nun pencil
Beerman Fan Art. Watercolour, ink
Sit and Spin art Fan Art, Watercolour
Dennis one intro, ink
Dennis two weeds, ink
Dennis three the whopper, ink
Dennis four on a date, ink
Dennis five fishing, ink
Dennis six brittney spears, ink