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How to set up the board (and other terrain specifics)

Each Bomb site is a circle 6s big.
(measure from the edge of the board to the center of the terrain piece)
First Bomb site: 6s east, 6s south.
Second Bomb site: 36s East , 6s south
Third bomb Site: 2 east, 16s south

There are 2 deep water terrain pieces 6x6 square.
First DW : 3s east, 33s south
Second DW: 39s east, 33s South

There are 2 Shallow water terrain pieces 9x6 square (just make sure to distribute them evenly between the two Deep water terrain pieces in conjunction with the Map shown)

Additional terrain may be added: 3 pieces from each team Except : Deep water and Elevated/Abruptly elevated terrain.
(no bridge may be blocked by a terrain item)