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Two new songs added to lyrics roster
Two Shots

In A God We trusted
an ideal we busted
there goes the hand
to the deal
with priests to suck
drain the sweet sin
stains within the weak
"I'll take away your pain"

you've gotta believe me

It's all i got, Two shots
One for the heart one for the head
Ignore the promises at stake
Your faith has made you weak

You had a choice
to make or break
a promise here
you will forsake
Three words you spoke
on those you'll choke
so Come here and stay
I'll make it go away

you've gotta believe me

I have a promise to confess
you said give it all
i said i'll give it my best
fortuantely for me but not for you
i knew in my mind
my best could never do

So sorry
So sorry
I was sorry
i'll make it up to you
You've gotta believe me

Some Regret

to my will i will be done
in lack of tears that don't hide my face
and I will not forget you
and what you have done from me

do you ever regret
the words from your lips so wet
I know i do the same
when all else is gone again

I will wait for you here
till i feel your love once more
and if you see me there
waiting here please dont leave

cause this regret will kill
like old ties once broken
and all the years gone so sterile
i will accept what i've chosen